Help support the future development of the Psymbiote project:
purchase your very own Psymbiote titanium glove v.1 or individual 3 jointed finger rings.

These are non-functioning versions of the glove and fingers which can be worn as jewlery or displayed as art objects. We are not offering custom sizes. The available size is limited to what we already have, which fits a fairly small female hand. We hope to have a single man's size soon as well. The glove in it's entirety will fit few individuals as it is so specifically sized, however many people with small to medium size hands have been able to fit the individual rings. If you send us the ring sizes for the 3 knuckles of the finger(s) you'd like to fit, we can determine if any of what we have will work for you.

Prices will be based on your choice of surface finishes (high polish, sand blasted, etched, no finish, etc) and whether you choose the addition of anodized coloring in solids or patterns. Depending on which options you choose, prices for individual fingers will range from $275-$500, and prices for an entire glove will range from $2000-$4000.

We are also open to barter: we require the services of a high end controls systems engineer. We might have other interests, such as certain tools or high end electronics & componants. Let us know what you think you could do for the project in exchange for a glove.

Please contact us for more information.


photograph of the glove by Lukas Zpira